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The International Art Festival

for the Children around the World

- World Children's Art Festival -

The International Art Festival for the Children around the World

There are children who are in difficult circumstances for various reasons. Some have lost their homes due to disasters, some have been forced to flee their homes due to conflicts and war and are living in refugee camps, and some are unable to receive adequate education due to poverty and domestic issues.

The production of a charity goods featuring these children's drawings began with the hope of conveying their existence, thoughts, dreams, and messages to people around the world. This year is the 17th year of the charity calendar production. The proceeds will be utilized to benefit the communities where the children who make a drawings live through the international NGO, Peace Winds. *excluding necessary expenses for activities. We continue the activities for the world where children around the world can smile with peace of mind.

More children can participate in our arts festival...

We has continued as "The International Art Festival for the Children living on the Street - Street Children's Art Festival -" until 2020, however the name was changed to "The International Art Festival for the Children around the World -World Children's Art Festival -" in order to make it our art festival in which more children can participate in. This name reflects our wish to "feel the individual thoughts of children who faced various situations and difficulties through their drawings".

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We are producing charity goods using children's drawings.


We are looking for people who can hold exhibitions of their drawings at companies, schools, hospitals, institutions, etc.


We are looking for the volunteer staff to take part in our activities.


We are looking for members (individuals and groups) from universities around the world which sympathizes with our activities and are willing to volunteer together.

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